How neat, how elegant, not to waste any more lives, but to give the dangerous task to the boy who had already been marked for slaughter, and whose death would not be a calamity, but another blow against Voldemort.

Sarah Jane: I can’t do this anymore. Besides, I’ve got a much bigger adventure ahead! Time I stopped waiting for you and found a life of my own.
Doctor: How long are you gonna stay with me?
Rose: Forever.
Martha: I can’t do this anymore. You’ll be like that one day.
Donna: Not me! Never! How could I ever go back to normal life after seeing all this? I’m gonna travel with that man forever. 
Donna: Who are you?
Rose: I was like you. I used to be you.

We did it! We bashed them, wee Potter’s the one! And Voldy’s gone moldy, so now let’s have fun!

May 2, 1998: The Battle of Hogwarts

Not for me.